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Second Movie

2009-02-01 17:08:36 by Triforceboy

After some time i finally released the second spriteanimation. Even though it was meant to be a test, It just developed itself to a full animation. The randomness of the story is nothing big, but Link has trained and shows off his new skills to Ganondorf.
Don't complain because of the random story and the few bugs, it was meant to be a test!

Have a nice day.

Late release...

2009-01-18 19:08:58 by Triforceboy


I am sorry about my last post, that my second release would be out that day, but I had some stuff to do. This week I have been very busy with school, we have been participating to the citys international filmfestival, so there haven't been any time for flashanimation.
So I am terribly sorry about that but, this week I am probobly finishing my second one.


Hey again

2009-01-08 05:50:47 by Triforceboy


In some days I am gonna post my second video which is a another zelda sprite animation.
Its about the 3rd ending to the Naruto series only with characters from the legend of zelda the minish cap and the four swords.

First realease!

2009-01-04 17:00:21 by Triforceboy


I have finally released my first sprite animation, and I am pretty happy about the finished result. I know that the result is not PERFECT, but I hope that you are able to enjoy it, and I promise to make more and better projects in the future.